Wednesday, May 04, 2011

 Coming Out

So tonight my friend J had some news to share with me. She sat down all serious and I heard her say "I'm dating a Mormon". I was immediately worried for her. I pictured her suddenly quoting the word of Joe Smith and donning magic underwear. I could envision her bringing and passing out Books of Mormon at our next week's dinner. I saw the fabulous chick who I had grown to respect and adore turning into an absolute stranger.

So my reply was "um, what?"

And she repeated... "I'm dating a woman"

The relief was OVERWHELMING!!!!

But you know, this makes me realize the fact that just because I don't care what the sex is of the person she's dating is does not mean that I am not judgmental.

However, I have never known a gay person to try and "convert" me and yet I've never known a Mormon who did not try to. (and trust me, when I lived in Mesa, AZ I knew and worked with PLENTY of Mormon's, including the roommate I lived with who was a former Mormon who left the religion and started doing speaking about how Mormonism is actually a cult and trying to "rescue" current members of the religion)

Does that excuse my concern for my friend's new paramour? Probably not. I've always said that I don't care who you love, just that you love, but I guess I need to rethink that. If I am truly not going to be a judgmental prejudice person then I need to make that not just encompass that which I deem to be acceptable.

I guess if I judge you for being a tea party republican then that's just as bad as you being the dumbass who judges Obama for whatever the hell they're judging him for this week. And even though when I keep typing mormon without a capital letter spellecheck wants to change it to "moron" I shouldn't take it as a sign from God that it's not the religion of His choice.

I'm going to try and work on these prejudices. But I'm not going to lie, I'm really happy for J and her new girlfriend. And even happier that this chick is not LDS.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

 Love and light

I haven't gotten to the road trip posts yet, but I still do plan on doing them.

Today I have a very heavy heart for one reason and a heart filled with light and joy for another.

My friend Lynn who has been fighting Small Cell Lung Cancer for a few months now is entering hospice. And I really thought she had it beat so this is hitting me hard. I know this is one of the more evil cancers out there. I know it's aggressive and horrifying and has about a 5% survival. Lynn was diagnosed when it was already in her liver. And in my experience with all of my cancer patients I know that once it's in the liver it's time to say goodbyes.

But then Christmas came and Lynn was still with us. And I decided that meant she was going to be on of the 5%. I just felt like if she made it that far, she could make it all the way.

A few weeks ago a mutual friend died and I asked her how she was doing. I know that there's nothing like someone else's mortality to really make you face yours. And she was doing ok. She was hopeful. I felt even more sure she'd be in the 5%.

Over the last few days she had some setbacks. Last night I begged whoever would hear me to spare Lynn. To heal her, to let her be ok. I knew so many were still raw from losing Sharon and I didn't think our group could handle another loss so I prayed and I begged.

And then this morning I woke to the post from the love of Lynn's life that she was entering hospice.

I broke down and cried. I still keep tearing up thinking of it.

But then a few hours later I talked to my friend Laura. She just got out of the hospital yesterday after being in a coma for almost two weeks and fighting Viral Meningitis. And guess what? She's ok. She beat it. We talked not just about her illness but how this changed her life. She said it truly was life changing and now she's going to let go of all toxicity and focus on the good. She said she was sending me beams of love and light for stuff I'm dealing with.

So I guess not all the good ones get taken. And I'm forwarding those beams of love and light on to Lynn and her loved ones. At least I know that whenever I hear the song "Shameless" by Garth (no, not by Billy Joel, she made that quite clear) that it means she's stopping to say hi. And no, she's not going to be one of the 5%, but I guess that means that someone else's loved one is, and that their world will be full of love and light.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

 Home again Home again Jiggity Jog

SO I haven't been posting in a while and there's a good reason for A key on my laptop broke. I use the letter A a lot, so it was quite annoying to try and type anything without said letter.

HOWEVER, I just got a new laptop so woot woot, I'm back!

And I'm back home again! FINALLY! 5 months on the left coast was way too long in my opinion. I am part yankee, part east coast girl, and I have never worn daisy dukes with bikini on top and while I am so hot I'll melt your Popsicle, I am still happy to be out of California.

The roadtrip story is one for another day, because I just think I got a wee bit of motivation to unpack a bit. Yes, my room does look like a bomb hit it, and yes, I did spend most of the time since I've been home (about 28 hours now) in or on my bed.

Oh look, puking kitteh, that's a sign it's time to get out of bed and clean.

till next time!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

 I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine

I have always found so much inspiration in songs. I realize that most of my favorite artists earn that distinction because they are phenomenal lyricists. I remember when I was in jr high and high school (in the dark ages before the internet) I would have my tape recorder and I would play songs line by line over and over to write down and learn all the lyrics. It was kinda an obsession. Now you can google lyrics so that's way easier, but recently I had the pleasure of trying to figure out the lyrics to one of Anna's new songs that I recorded at her show, and played it over and over again. Finally I gave up and went to the source herself... I asked her on facebook and she replied and gave me the lyrics. She's fawesome!

Anyway, one of the reasons I was trying to get those lyrics is I have been focused on songs that inspire me lately. I am sending a song a day to a friend who's doing something scary but brave. She's a supernova and she's only begun to shine :)

Anyway, when looking through my itunes for the next choice I came across a song I forgot about and now it seems kinda perfect so I thought I'd share :)

the reason I am feeling this song right now is the idea that people willing to make changes bounce (like bumbles) and if you don't like it or me, then F you :)

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

 People annoy me

So on facebook this week everyone is changing their profile pics to be cartoon characters to raise awareness about child abuse.

At first I thought it was relatively lame, but rather than bring everyone down with negativity, I just chose to not participate.

TONS of people have been all negative nellie about it though, talking about how stupid it was. Really people? Why can't you let those who changed it enjoy it? Get over yourselves.

Some remind me of those too cool for school hipsters with their disdain.

And then someone I know who works in child services said that they had triple the number of inquiries about volunteerism.

And then one of the too cool for school hipsters said THEY donated cash because THEY were going to do something bigger than changing their profile pic.

I had no choice but to them point out that they would have not donated that cash had it not been for this campaign, and ergo, it DID make a difference.

I am now sporting Josie and the Pussycats as my profile pic.

Seriously people, if you're going to be too cool for school, then don't make an ass out of yourself by proving the other people's point.

AND THEN now some people are saying that this movement was started by pedophiles. Really? You really think that's true? Then I pity you.

Not sure which is worse, idiots or hipsters.... perhaps idiot hipsters?

Or maybe just the Baltimore Ravens. yeah that's it.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

 Congrats, BloMoers!

And to celebrate another month of BloMo successfully finished, I leave you with Anna singing you a lullaby :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

 More of Anna

And why I love her so much :)

She also writes poetry and introduced many of her songs that way.

Here's a crazy person poem and the song "Straightjacket"

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

 And this is one of the many reasons I love her

So I've mentioned before on here how some songs overwhelm me and can make me break down into tears.

This is actually one of those songs.

And look, I'm not the only one it does it to...

(It's appearing twice when I look at the post but only once when I go back to edit it... So if it's appearing twice for you too, just watch it twice...she's that amazing!)

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I LOVE Anna Nalick and tonight I am going to go see her perform!!

I could have seen her a few years ago and I chickened out because I had nobody to go with. It was when I working a travel gig in El Paso and I heard on the radio that she was playing a free show and a local bar and I really wanted to go, however this was when there was some seriously bad stuff happening in the area thanks to the Juarez drug cartels and basically everyone I worked with had my scared to leave my hotel. If I had someone to go with, I probably would have, but alas, I chickened out.

Tonight I have nobody to go with, but I'm there anyway! And Anna said she'd say hi.

I love how twitter and facebook has made celebrities more accessible.

I wrote on her wall on fb that I was coming to her show and she replied! I felt like the silliest fangirl, but I still was stoked.

I'll never forget how 6 (or was it 7?) years ago my sister called me. She never does that, we always communicate via text or IM. But she had just heard this new singer in the studio at her local radio station and she said she knew I would love her. So she immediately called me.

Not only was this odd that my sister called me, but it was also odd because we never talk music. I don't think she could name any of my other favorite artists other than those I loved back in the 80's. But she hit this one right on the head.

I googled Anna, found her website that had some of her music on it and I LOVED it. I then downloaded all of her songs and fell in love with her music. And then I did something I hadn't done in years and haven't even done since really... Even though I had all of her music already downloaded, I went to the store and actually bought her cd too. I figured she was so amazing that I needed to make MY voice heard to the record companies that this was someone special.

I mentioned that to her in my fb post and she said that my hard earned dollars went to buy food for her puppy. I loved that!

She is so freaking adorable too. She posts very regularly on fb and her way is just endearing. She's open and funny and I admired her before as a singer/songwriter, but now I admire her as a person too.

I cannot WAIT to see her live. The venue is kinda weird that it's a restaurant type place too. I originally got a ticket for the bar/lounge area since I was going alone, but then I decided f that, I love her, I want to be close, and I called today and switched it to a table.

Who cares if I have nobody to go with, I am going to hear one of my favorite singer songwriters share her newest music, and that is all that matters!

If I can, I'll try and get video and I'll post it tomorrow.

Shine away...

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Friday, November 26, 2010


I havent left any reviews yet but I'm digging finding places to go on yelp.

Unfortunately there are two places in my neighborhood I've kinda wanted to try, but both got crappy reviews.

I would love to write more about yelp right now, but I need to find a place to suggest for dinner.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

 I may come back and edit this post later to be less lame

But in the meantime I'll just say I'm thankful I have time for a short nap before I am headed out for Turkey.

The nice thing about going to someone else's house is you don't have to cook.

The lame thing is you can't nap after gorging on Turkey.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 What next?

It always has been one of my favorite things to find a new-to-me author and then gobble up all of their books. The more books they've already written, the better.

I've started doing that with TV now too. Netflix is my friend.

I watched the first 3 seasons of Dexter in a matter of weeks, and hate that I don't have Showtime to watch the new ones and have to wait till it's on DVD.

So I need a new old show (preferably one off the air) to start watching on DVD now.

I was going to do Trueblood or Madmen but both of those are still on and I'd have the same issues as with Dexter so I want something that's done but preferably more than a few seasons.

Anyone got any good suggestions?

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So what is it about me that makes people want to bear their souls to me? Actually not their souls as much as their bowels...

Today a patient's mother told me not only about her financial woes, but all sorts of details about her health including the fact that ranch dressing goes right through her, particularly if it's from Denny's, which is a shame because that's her favorite, but she has to go to the bathroom before even leaving the place.

Um, thanks for sharing?

Perhaps if she were my actual patient, and I was concerned about her GI tract this might be relevant. But she wasn't, and I wasn't.

I have had tons of patients tell me about their bowels over the years. In a few cases I can understand they thought it might be relevant, but usually it's just extra TMI that I really don't need to know.

Of course I still prefer hearing about people's poo to hearing about their sex life. Yes, I had an old man with prostate cancer share with me how much better life has been for him since he got his pump. Yeah, thanks for sharing.

I usually think my empathetic nature is a blessing, but times like's a curse...

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Monday, November 22, 2010

 Can I take another pass?

I have to do a morning post because I'm meeting a friend from Nuc School who's in Cali to visit her dad for dinner tonight and I'm afraid I'll be so tired when I get home that I'll forget to post.

However, I just woke up and have nothing really to say yet since I'm barely awake.

Iwoke up with a bug bite on my neck which makes me less than happy.

I know it's not lice though, so there's that...

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I was born a Jets fan. I was also born 10 days after the last time they won a Superbowl.

I grew up watching Jets games every weekend, and I even looked at Hofstra, the college I attended my freshman year, only because that's where the Jets practiced.

I have always loved them, even when they sucked.

I don't know the stats, but I also wonder if they are the team who has been to the most wildcard playoff games with never making it to the Superbowl.

I am very used to then not being a winning team that I'm used to it.

I also became a Steelers fan back when the Mean Joe Green commercial was on air. And then that love was solidified when I went to college in Western PA.

I have had much more luck as a Steelers fan over the years, with 6 Super Bowl wins.

I am loving that both of my teams are doing well this year.

But I am ELATED that the Jets are. But if they actually make it to the Superbowl this year, and if they go as far as to win it, there is a possibility I may drop dead 10 days before it happens. I would really like to live to see it though.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

 It's a polar bear!

Guys, where ARE we?

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Friday, November 19, 2010


This song was the bane of my existence many years ago when I worked at Gymboree.

My friend is visiting and we're going to the zoo today and I can't get the damn thing out my head. I am hoping listening to it again will help.

I love that you can find just about anything on youtube!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

 Haiku Thursday

Haven't done this yet
Used to always do Haiku's
Great easy blog posts

Friend's coming to town
weather forcast is for rain.
Sunny California??

Still need to clean up
Call me "procrastination"
Need to write blog first!

afraid ill miss posting
a busy weekend ahead
dont wanna forget!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

 I'm taking a pass tonight

Crazy long day...

Crazy is both an adjective to describe the day and a modifier for long.

Ergo, I am too fried to be coherant.

Add to that there were several accidents on the way home causing my 6 mile commute to take 50 minutes while I was already working late.

I think that means I deserve a pass on trying to write something coherent, right?

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

 Unlucky Socks

Today I wore a pair of St Patrick's Day socks. They say "LUCKY" on them and have lots of shamrocks and stuff.

Today, they didn't work.

The day appeared to start out ok... I got some possibly good news.

And then it went to hell. At least the morning did.

The first patient took meds she shouldnt have and had to be rescheduled.

We found out a special dose we needed for an important study tomorrow failed it's QC and was unavailable.

Then I dropped a $4000 piece of equipment known as "bars". It's something we use for checking the resolution on the camera. It is about 84000 pieces of lead in lines under glass. They all fell out. And lead is soft, so they all got bent and stuff.
Fortunately, I actually managed to put it back together, it only took about an hour.

We had the sibling of a patient with the most annoying parents I've met so far next. Mom is still as annoying as before.

Then the next patient pulled his IV out of his hand but still had it taped down so my coworker squirted his dose all over his fingers. Not bad for him, but not fun.

Then I had to inject a patient that was all the way on the other side of the hospital forever away. Carrying a VERY heavy box. I got there and they hadn't pre-treated him with the medication he needed. I had to carry said heavy box back far far away.

I am sure that other stuff happened but at this point I think I've blocked it all out.

I think I'm burning those socks.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

 Money Can Buy Happiness!

Not if in the traditional way, but I know two women who would be very happy you gave them a dollar.

That's all they are asking to help their dreams come true.

And wow, do I respect them for trying to make this happen.

They are planning on selling everything they own just to attain their dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, that's not enough, they need some cash too. So they are asking anyone they can to donate a dollar. And a dollar is pretty much nothing... So if you want to make them really happy, donate a dollar so these two chicks and a dog can realize a dream. Do it for them, but do it also for yourself, to get the happiness you can have knowing that you made someone else's dreams come true and made them incredibly happy.

Check them out and donate at

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Starbucks man has a name!

So my stalking of Starbucks paid off! If you can call going 2 times stalking...

But he was there again this morning and sat next to me and we chatted for a bit. His name is Jason (I've always loved that name) and he's originally from Maryland. I am not surprised he's an east coast dude!

He seemed nice, he has a great smile and we talked for about 20 minutes before he had to leave and go watch football. He did tell me about 20 times in our chat that he comes there ALL THE TIME. So I'm not sure if that's an invite to run into him again, or if it was him trying to prove that he's not a stalker.

We'll see.

I might need more chai later this week though...

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

 Depressing thoughts this morning...

Being a spinster crazy cat lady leaves me with a few fears, and one is that I will die alone in my apartment from some ridiculous accident (yes, I've seen too many episodes of Six Feet Under) and nobody will find my body till the neighbors notice the smell...

And this morning as I was trying to stay asleep at 6am on a Saturday and two kittehs thought that I should be up, I realize that when they find my body, I will also be missing a nose and be incredibly bruised on my left side.

Seamus head butts my side till I lift the blanket for him to come cuddle.

Ringo licks my nose till I give him the attention he demands.

As if a dead, bloated body isn't enough, it has to be a noseless one.

Please let me die in public!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

 Boo for bad news

So I thought I had good car news, then not, then yes, and now not.

I finally got through the Fulton County title and registration people who said I could just get an emissions waiver and then do everything by mail. Woot!

I called to get the waiver and they only give them for renewals on cars already titled in the Atlanta area. I am SOL. He was very nice at telling me that, but that's the bottom line.

Yesterday I got the car fixed and smog checked and then headed over to the DMV. Took off work to get this done. Got to the DMV and there was TONS of parking so I was all "woot! I'll be in and out!" yeah, was Veteran's Day so it was closed.

I'm going to finish this email and do a search on tag and title places.

I'll be so happy when this is over with.

Oh well, at least it's the weekend!!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

 Missed Connection

So today I took the day off to get my car fixed. I dropped it off and then walked up the street and had breakfast at a place called Coco's (yum!) and then wandered over to the Starbucks next door to kill more time. When I got there I ended up sitting across from this guy who I thought was attractive. We were both there for over an hour reading and during this time we caught each other's eyes a few times, and smiled. Unfortunately, we never spoke.

After I finished my book and left, I was bored, so I was texting with my friend Maria and told her about my missed connection, and jokingly told her I was going to either start stalking that Starbucks, or start stalking the missed connection section of Craigslist. She was bored at work, so I asked her to see if he had posted for me yet.

She said there was a post titled "the perfect woman" so she immediately assumed that was the one for me. (and this is one of the many reasons why I love her!) Sadly, it was from a delusional man.

Even more sadly, my library book Starbucks guy did not post for me....yet.

So we joked about how I could post for him and use it as blog fodder. I wish I could do that, but sadly, I just don't have the cajones to attract crazy people, and I suspect that even if he did look up Craigslist for me, that'd would weird me out too much. I don't think I'd actually go for a guy who's actually go for a girl who did that.

But I did enjoy the time I spent laughing at the crazy people who do post there. If you're ever bored and have some time to kill online, check them out. You will laugh lots.

And guess where I'm headed tomorrow morning for a chai latte? :)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 I forgot about this game

This was a game Seamus was obsessed with in Raleigh for a while, but then got over. He's into it again.

So I save bags for throwing out cat litter. I put them in a bottom drawer in the kitchen.

Every night Seamus will open that drawer and pull the bags out. Every morning I put them back. I come home from work and they are out. I put them in. Rinse, Repeat.

I don't get why these bags need to be on the floor in Little Boy's mind, but hes persistent!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

 There once was a weekend in Nantucket...

So tonight when I couldn't think of anything to write about so I texted my friend Maria asking for a topic suggestion. She suggested I write about the weekend we met, and she'll do the same on her blog. I'm going to try to remember that weekend, but I have to admit, it is kinda fuzzy :)

So a mutual friend had a family place on Nantucket and was planning a weekend gathering. I was living in Lancaster, PA at the time, and somehow thought the 8ish hour drive was doable. I had a friend from VA driving up to MD to pick up a friend there, then they continued up to me, and the three of us went together. I honestly don't really remember much from the drive except for the last stretch where there was traffic galore! We were cutting it really tight and did not know if we'd actually make the ferry. In fact, we barely did! We made a mad dash across the parking lot in torrential rains and pretty much hopped on the ferry as it was pulling out. Here we are right after getting off the Ferry, still soaked to the bone.

From there on, I don't remember many details. I know my first actual memory of Maria was her being a mixologist (Pictured!) while everyone was just hanging out getting to know the ones they didn't know and reconnecting with the ones they hadn't seen in a while. Maria was singing showtunes during this time, and I have no clue how that started. I thought before this weekend from what I knew of her that I'd like her, but that pretty much solidified my impression of her that she was destined to be a good friend. :)

It is amazing me how little details I remember of this weekend, considering I know it was an amazing time. I remember sitting up in my room with Maria taking when people were wondering what happened to us. I am pretty sure I loaned her my red sweater for our night out at the Chicken Box. I do have some memories of that outing for sure... one of the girls there that weekend was getting married in a few months so we decided to hold an impromptu bachelorette party. A scavenger hunt was on the to-do list, and I helped her get the hardest thing on the list- a guy at the bar's underwear. Yes, we go the boxers from one of the guys in the band that was playing that night. (those are his boxers and she's on stage) I remember lots of booty shaking going on that night. And I remember Maria getting her groove back. :) I'll let her tell that part of the story on her blog if she so desires...

I know that this weekend was the beginning of what I consider one of my most valued friendships. I loved that right away we connected, both with our senses of humor, and also on a deeper "just getting each other" kind of way. Maybe the reason there isn't a moment that sticks out in my mind is because it was just such an easy friendship that it didn't need a moment.

If I'm doing my math right, that was 7 years ago, and it's mind blowing to think of what we've both been through since then. And yet I know that no matter what, she had my back and I hope she knows I've always had hers. Sometimes we would go months without talking, and then we'd go through periods of talking every single day. I realize that my life in general is full of more laughs when we're in the every day mode, so I think that's the way it should usually be :)

So I am sorry that I didn't have better Nantucket stories. But I have more vivid memories of her trip to visit me in Vermont when we were being smart ass American's up in Montreal calling everything "Le ______" and referring to the Dollar Store as the 78 cent store (yes, this was a while ago when our dollar was stronger) and meeting Popeye the Spider Man on Rue Ste Catherine. Or when she came down to visit me in Raleigh and even though we did some fun stuff like the Ren Faire (with photo op with dude in a kilt) and wine tasting (pictured), my best memories of that weekend are sitting on my back porch and talking for hours.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

 Spaceship Crashed

So today I was stopping at Target on the way home from work to get more Burdseed and some cat litter and other various sundries and I saw a panhandler at the traffic light right before Target. Not an uncommon sight... but what was uncommon was her sign...

"Spaceship Crashed. Need spare change for parts."

I had no choice but to hand her a dollar.

Why? Well there were three options:

1) She has a kick ass sense of humor even though she's going through some hard times. That deserves my support.

2) She's mentally ill, and that sucks and deserves some support.

3) She really is an alien, and it'd be nice to be on their good side to avoid anal probing if her buddies all show up.

No matter which option it is, it was totally worth the dollar.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

 Stinky Feet Shoes

It's something sad that happens in the life of all extremely beloved, well worn shoes-- they become stinky feet shoes.

It's way more common with sandals but you know you've had sneakers or even dress shoes it's happened to as well.

It's not something we like to talk about, but I am not ashamed of my stinky feet shoes! It just means they were well loved, right?

I found this particular pair of stinky feet shoes at Ross about 4 years ago. The second I tried them on, I knew they were mine. They remain the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet, even better than the memory foam slippers Santa brought me one year. They were not pretty, just plain black, but they were perfect to just slip on and wear all the time. I wore them to work more times than I can count, and I think that is what earned them their current state.

My heart is heavy at the thought of giving these shoes up, but unless the secret trick that sometimes kills the stinkiness works, I shall have no choice.

What is the secret trick, you ask? Freezing them. I learned this a few years ago when someone on a bulletin board I frequented was complaining about how their sandals made their feet stink, and I've tried it since and it usually works. Just throw the shoes in a freezer bag and freeze them for a few days, and whatever it is that makes them stinky will be gone. Sometimes it works, but it's always a short term fix. I just am hoping to get a few more months out of these shoes, so if I have any hope, I'm going to go for it.

So that is my exciting post for the day. Ode to my black shoes that now make my feet smell.

Aren't you wicked glad I'm blogging again? ;)

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Saturday, November 06, 2010


So when I first moved into this temp apartment for this Cali gig we had some window issues. My balcony wall is solid, so the kittehs can't see anything out that giant window (bummer) and the bedroom window had a very tiny sill, so no sitting there.

I had to do something to help these
poor bored kittehs out, so I got birdseed for the balcony. I did not, however, get a bird feeder, I had this brilliant plan instead- I poured the birdseed in a line all along the ledge and then scattered it on the balcony floor. Now we just need to wait for the birdies to find it!

And wait...

And wait...

It took 6 weeks for birds to come. I guess the were all north for the summer? But now they are here!!

And we went through an entire bag of feed this week. I need to run to the store later to stock up on more.

But Little Boy likes to stalk the floor burdies...
(see him hunkered between his floor pillows)

And RSK even likes BURD TV.

It may mean I'll be cleaning bird crap off the balcony to get my deposit back, but it's worth every penny...

Although we were not free of incidents...

And since this picture was taken on Monday, there are 3 more burd faces smashed into the window. No dead burd bodies so I assume they were all fine. I am just in awe of how you can see beak and feathers and everything.

Good thing I've never seen that Hitchcock movie or this might be less amusing for me!

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